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Amalfi Pizzeria

Visit on  5/16/12.

We decided to go the extra mile and visit our old friends the Miele brothers in their new restaurant. As expected, the bread is still irresistible, even more so here because of the extra crispness and flavor from the brick oven. The bread for the bruschetta is always the perfect toasty texture, neither soft nor hard. The bruschetta topping could use a bit more chopping for my tastes, I prefer my onion and tomatoes to be about the same size of pieces. I got a couple of large pieces of onion skin as well. We had the margherita pizza. I just love the crispness the crust gets here with the new oven! Still the same fantastic dough but a better texture than ever due to the bricks. The sauce is still fresh tasting and not too heavily applied. Good qulaity mozzarella helps the overall pizza. I would have preferred the basil to be applied differently. The chiffonade seemed dry and a bit tough. The tea is good but not quite as good as at their old place.

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This entry was posted on May 17, 2012 by in Arizona, Chandler.
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