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Tonto Bar & Grill

Visit on 5/17/12.

We got it in our heads to drive up here for the recommended burgers as I found out today that it is national hamburger month. Who knew?

We started with Three Sister Salsas which are served with three kinds of chips (corn, flour, fry bread) and added guacamole to the order. The chips made of fry bread were the hit of the dish. I enjoyed two of the  three salsas. The chayote squash & tomatillo was not to my taste. The tart of the tomatillo was nice but overall this one was sweet. I most liked the corn & tomato salsa and found the tepary bean & red chile salsa had a nice heat but could have used a bit more flavor. None of them were very hot. The guacamole was quite good and not too smooth.

We both got the burgers with the grass fed beef. The meat was tasty but the texture was a bit too soft, I prefer my burgers to have a stiffer meatier feel. Crisply fried onions did not stay crisp so they really did not add much to the burger. We both chose the french fries as well, I did not care for them.  I am a french fry snob. Make them right and get them crisp without cheating, please! I do not like coated fries.

The tea is very good.

The interior was a bit kitschy, cowboy theme but comfortable. It was quiet and the view of part of the golf course was pleasant. It was a fair drive but I would gladly try it again. I would not get the burger again though.

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