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Keegan’s – Ahwatukee

The tea is okay. Onion rings are not actually rings; they have good flavor and  are crisp but inconvenient to eat. Other aspects of the meal were good. J had lots of good beer choices.

One comment on “Keegan’s – Ahwatukee

  1. tlmiller57
    May 19, 2012

    We revisited Keegan’s for lunch today, 5/19/12.

    The tea is still good. Today we decided to try the hamburgers. J ordered the Naiman’s Farm burger and I ordered the Wagyu Kobe burger. Both burgers came cooked as ordered. We swapped tastes. I have decided that I am just not a fan of Kobe beef for burgers. I much prefer the grass fed beef taste, much meatier. Both burgers were good but the Naiman’s beef was to me superior, it was a very good burger. I did find the french fries to be nicely crisped but too heavily salted. J is still happy with his beer choices.

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