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Beckett’s Table

Visited on 5/20/12.

The second night of Spring Arizona Restaurant Week took us to Beckett’s Table. the cuisine described as American is elevated comfort food.  The decor was pleasant but the room gets loud rather quickly (very few diners).

J had a couple of nice choices for his draft beer. The house red was a mild pinot noir.  As the only choice for tea was passion fruit, I opted out.

J and I started with the white grape gazpacho which was  a refreshing interesting blend of grape and cucumber.  The strongest flavor was celery. P started with the zucchini cakes with Green Goddess dressing, she felt that the dressing did not go with the zucchini.

P and I both chose the beef bourguignon shepherd’s pie. The stew was nicely flavored and very meaty. P, unfortunately, had a branch of the bay tree in hers. The potato topping was wonderful. J had the pork loin and pronounced it to be pretty good.

All three of us chose the ice cream sandwich profiteroles for dessert. There were two, one with vanilla and the other with chocolate ice cream. There was a small amount of chocolate drizzled over the top. The ice creams were ordinary and the profiteroles were a bit bready.

J and I both tried coffee, I keep hoping that some restaurant somewhere will make it strong enough for me. It was a flavorful coffee, house blend locally roasted, and quite smooth. I would describe it as moderate strength, slightly stronger than most restaurants.

Overall, the restaurant was pretty good and we would visit again.

 Beef Bourguignon

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