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Roy’s – Chandler

Visit on 5/25/12.

Tonight we decided to go to Roy’s for happy hour and take advantage of the $5 appetizers to make it dinner. What a very tasty way to have a cheap dinner. Since Roy’s is Hawaiian fusion it features lots of seafood (hence stuff that I cannot eat) but they always do a couple of well prepared other dishes for the non-seafood eaters.

My appetizers this evening were the Wagyu beef sliders and the beef short rib tacos. The sliders are very tasty with carmelized onion and chipotle aioli. The only drawback for me, once again, is the softness of the beef for hamburgers. They were served with garlic sweet potato fries. Sweet potato fries never seem to cut it for me because they simply do not attain the level of crispness that I like in a french fry. The braised beef short ribs are always tender, moist, and delectibley seasoned. The taco shell is interesting, not your usual, very thin and extremely crisp. It has a pleasant flavor as well.

I am completely addicted to the molten chocolate souffle. A warm thin crisp exterior that holds back the river of deep dark chocolate lava that oozes out upon cracking it open. The plate has a perfectly sweetened raspberry coulee ring and vanilla ice cream.

As usual, the tea is solid but the water is just plain nasty.

I always enjoy Roy’s and they always have a deal (three course price fixe menu) that invariably delights the palate.

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This entry was posted on May 26, 2012 by in Arizona, Chandler.
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