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Taste of Tops

Visited 5/26/12. Warning, this place has no food.

So why is a place with no food in my flog? Since drink is often associated with food and this place is so special, I felt it deserved a place here.

Taste of Tops is a small bar connected to the fabulous Tops Liquor store. They have many brews on tap, the selection varies, wines by the glass, and a full liquor store of other beers, wines, waters, ciders, …  to choose from that they will serve you. It is one of the few bars where I actually have a choice of cider.

It is a very comfortable place and I have never had any issues with the volume of the music or televisions. They have no food to offer but the liquor store does have a very limited selection that you can buy and consume on the premises. I have seen a few people bring in their own snacks and the neighboring restaurant delivers to the bar.

If you want a quiet watering hole to enjoy good beverages and conversation, this little gem is the place to go.

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This entry was posted on May 27, 2012 by in Arizona, Tempe.
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