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Visited on 5/26/12.

The penultimate night of spring restaurant week took us to the dhaba in Tempe.

We were asked if we were there because we were interested in the restaurant week menu. We answered in the affirmative and were then told that it would be cheaper with so many to order off the regular menu and that we would then have more choices. She was correct. We paid $26 each all in instead of $30 + drinks + tax + tip each! Wow!

The table was ready with water poured, pappadum, and chutneys waiting for us. The pappadum were cooked properly and were not too greasy. The trio of chutneys were great. The tamarind chutney was a perfect thick smooth textured balance of mild heat, sweet, and smoky . Mint chutney was just the right heat (moderate) and the tomato chutney delightfully hot.

For starters, we ordered vegetable samosa and murgh pakora. The samosa were the best ones that I have had in the valley since they ruined them at the Delhi Palace. The pastry was firm, not tough, filled with a mildly spiced blend of potatoes and peas. The pakora were excellently cooked and properly battered, they seemed to be enjoyed by the others (it is a dish that I do not care for). The chickpeas that accompanied both were very good, flavorfully spiced and mild.

Mains were punjabi chole, anchara aloo, chicken tikka masala, and lamb vindaloo. The meat dishes were left at medium heat and the vegetable dishes were ordered mild since we were eating family style. The lamb had a level of heat that most would find hot but it was a vindaloo so it is supposed to be hot. The sauce was very nicely balanced and the lamb was tender. The chicken tikka masala was different from any other that I have had, there was a new flavor added which I cannot at the moment put a name to (although the flavor is very familiar) that I did not care for. S really enjoyed this change. The punjabi chole were okay but could not hold a candle to those served with the starters. Anchara aloo had a lovely sauce and a couple of hidden mines; very hot peppers even though the dish itself was mild. The heat from the peppers caused us to add a raita to the order. The raita was well blended with finely chopped vegetables.

The dhaba was very good and certainly warrants more visits.

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