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Pointe in Tyme

Visited on 5/27/12.

To finish off restaurant week, we chose Pointe in Tyme. The decor is what you would expect from an old style traditional steak house, lots of dark wood, cloth-covered padded chairs, and carpeted floors. It was comfortable and quiet.

My starter was the  Farmer’s salad. The salad was tasty with lots of nice ingredients but a bit overdressed. P ordered the 5 cheese mac-n-cheese with wild boar sausage. It was delicious, creamy, cheesy, a well-balanced blend and the sausage was very good as well. This one would have been a meal all by itself, it was a very large portion for a starter. J said the Caesar salad was good and M liked the chop salad. T got the chili which was quite a nice bowl of red with a mild heat. The chili was also a meal by itself.

The kitchen fell down for the first time about here, entrees were brought out before starters were finished and cleared. They need to work on timing courses.

It is a steakhouse so I chose my favorite steak, filet mignon, served on a bed of cheddar bacon grits and grilled asparagus. I promptly ridded the dish of the offending vegetation (sorry, I cannot abide asparagus) so that it could not flavor the other components. The steak was very good, the texture could have been more buttery but it was very tender and moist. It was cooked as ordered but I found it a bit salty and I am unused to finding chunks of fat on my filet. The grits surprised me, I found them pleasant and I do not like bacon but it was done with subtlety. P had the braised ribs, the meat was tender, moist, and the seasoning on it was well-balanced. T reported that his hangar steak was good and M said the same of his rib-eye.

It was time for dessert. We were told on being handed the dessert book that they were sold out of the chocolate lava cake. I found this odd as we booked at 5 which is when they open. It would seem that the kitchen had erred again. I tried the creme brulee and found it to be the worst example of this dessert that I have ever had, it was like eating scrambled eggs. I did not eat much of it and the wait staff never asked me about it. P got the apple pie and I tasted it. She really liked it, I avoided the caramel that was added to the top and found the filling to be surprisingly unsweet despite having caramel in it. It had a nice flavor and the caramel did not over power the apples. T got the carrot cake which I also tasted. The nuts were in large chunks and the cake was not as moist as I like carrot cake but the spicing was very nice. J got the flourless chocolate cake, of course I tried it too. It was the dense variety, not over sweet with a deep chocolate. It was nice.

The wait staff were all attentive and quite pleasant.

Both the tea and the coffee were weak.

One comment on “Pointe in Tyme

  1. Magnus Landstad
    May 28, 2012

    The rib-eye was indeed tender and tasty. But “rare” to me should have blood running out from the middle (almost: “Just walk it through the kitchen”). This was more like the “medium” I have had other places, but at least I was saved from mad cow disease.

    I agree on the creme brulee, I can do better myself and that means using the kit you buy at the super market and using my torch. The latter adds a little ski wax.

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