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Siamese Cat

Numerous visits, most recent 6/5/12.

This long time neighborhood favorite  has been serving up pretty good Thai food consistently for over 20 years.

Today we chose the panang beef and  chicken gaeng Keao wan for the entrees. Both were nicely spiced with a slight bit more heat in the panang than in the beef. The mint in the panang was done with a deft touch, not too much, just a subtle hint. The sauces were a bit more watery today than usual but they did not taste watered down.

For dessert we had sticky rice two ways, one with coconut custard and one with mango. As usual, the rice was perfect, sticky and mildly sweet. The mango was perfectly ripe covered with a layer of coconut cream. The custard was wonderful with a delicate coconut flavor.

The atmosphere is quiet and I enjoy the scenes of Thailand around the room. I find it very comfortable here and will continue to frequent my first gem in Arizona. The Siamese Cat was the first restaurant that I found after moving to Arizona that served any food even vaguely approaching interesting. Theirs was better than just interesting and has continued to be good.

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This entry was posted on June 5, 2012 by in Arizona, Tempe.
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