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Haus Murphy’s

Visited on 6/6/12.

We chose the giant Bavarian pretzel with cheese. The pretzel was good and the cheese was pleasant.

A cup of the soup of the day came with our entrees, today it was cream of spinach. Soup is not one of my favorite items and while I like spinach I am not fond of adding cream to it.  My entree was Weiner schnitzel. The spices on the schnitzel were very good but the breading came out a bit soft. The German fried potatoes were wet, something very different from what I am used to in German fried potatoes. The schnitzel was also accompanied by a cheese cabbage dish called wirsing. I had never heard of this before, I found it to be quite strange. I did not hate it, nor did I like it. I also ordered a side of saurkraut. I found it sweet and not very pickled. J had the krakauer wurst, this had great flavor and was a bit apicy.

J was happy with his beer choices and the tea was quite good.

I would return because German food is rare here but it would be another few years again as it is a long way to go for food that is just okay.

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