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My Greek and Italian Restaurant

Visited on 6/8/12.

The starters were spanikopita, saganaki, and feta bruschetta. The spanikopita were too minty, as it was the only discernible flavor other than spinach but the pastry was nicely flakey. The saganaki was wonderfully crisp and rubbery but the bread that came with it was odd, a boring whole wheat pita and uninspired garlic bread. I did not consume the bruschetta but J and A reported that it was pretty tasteless with oddly mild feta and not much else for flavor.

I ordered the village salad while the others had the greek salad that came with their entrees. I liked the salad well enough but the ingredients were not well-balanced, there were way too many onions while feta and olives were difficult to find. I would have preferred a better more flavorful olive oil. J says the salad did not seem greek and C reported the dressing to be tasteless and boring. Both said it was just a salad.

Entrees were lamb shish kebab, chicken shish kebab, and  the gyro. The lamb and chicken were well seasoned but the lamb was a bit tough. The tzatziki was quite tasty but had an odd texture, there were strands of what seemed to be lettuce. The gyro meat was good but A said that she did not like the whole wheat pita.

The selected sides were Greek potatoes, french fries with feta cheese and sautéed green beans. J said the french fries were okay, she did not mind them but the feta was very very bland. The Greek potatoes were very different from any I have had before, cooked in a tomato sauce, they had virtually no other taste. I did not care for them. The green beans completed the bland parade.

Dessert was baklava. C ordered the classic assuming that it would be just a piece of baklava without the drizzling of chocolate and honey but was disappointed to discover that it only meant no ice cream. C said the baklava was okay, she definitely had better but had no problem consuming it all. A and I chose to order it to go.  I found it overly wet from honey and seasoned with a lot of cinnamon.I thought it was okay but I would not get it again.

There was no brewed tea and the usual J was not there to sample the beer.

Overall it was bland and I would not return.

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