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Elysian Fields

Visited on 6/9/12.

In the interest of fairness and full disclosure, I need to note that my niece works here.

We chose the truffled french fries and the cheese plate for our appetizers.  While I do not care for the style of french fry used (it has a coating) they were properly cooked and I really like the amount of truffle oil used. You clearly taste the truffle, it is not just a slight hint, yet it does not overpower you. There were three cheeses, some slices of a chewy whole grain bread, and a cherry compote with nuts. There was a very mild cheese that I did not care for but K said he liked and J did not mind. There was a strong goat cheese and a strong pungent blue. The blue was left for me to take care of as no one else liked blue cheese, I won the prize! They liked the goat cheese.

Two people decided to have the chop salad. It was a nice blend of romaine, salami, provolone, tomatoes, and chick peas with a lovely balsamic vinaigrette. The down side of the salad was the amount of chick peas was markedly different between the two servings.

For entrees, J and I split the turkey panino, A also chose the turkey panino, and K chose the tortellini. J and A liked their panino, I found that I did not care for the turkey on it. More french fries, this time without the truffle oil, accompanied the sandwiches. K liked his tortellini. C did not have any more than her chop salad.

The tea was very good. Again, the usual J was not there to sample the beers, Elysian is a brewing company, but he has enjoyed their selection in the past.

The service was excellent. The server forgot an item and did not attempt to blame anyone for it, she just apologized and admitted that she forgot it. Kudos to her.

There seemed to be no split plate charge. I admit, that I do not know if this is their standard or just special because my niece works there.

I have been here before and I enjoyed it then to. I recommend giving it a try.

One comment on “Elysian Fields

  1. dontlikemusic
    June 10, 2012

    I remember going to a place with this name essentially nonstop during a conference years ago. Very good beer.

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