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The Melting Pot

Visited on 6/11/12.

I do not usually do large chain restaurants in my reviews but I feel like venting.

We were a large group, 9 of us, and I do take that into account. So, the vent. The waiter came to our table with what seemed a bit of an attitude. First, we asked about substitutions as there were 3 of us allergic to seafood; she told us this was fine we could just substitute for one of the other meats in our choice. Then we pointed out that we had a grad for the special free meal for a graduate. The waiter told us that one other person had to have a four course meal and that was fine. She then told the grad so fast what her meal was and any choices that the grad had basically no chance to understand what was involved. We also asked about a child’s plate. There was one but once again, the food items and/or choices were run through so fast that no one knew. This continued through telling me my choices and describing the pasta for one of the choices. As she began taking our order, she informed the first person who wanted to substitute for shrimp that it could only be chicken, thus contradicting what she told us initially. The entire time, she was short and even when told she was talking too fast simply ignored the individual who told her. On the other hand, her trainee tried very hard to smooth this over and he kept us in beverages. I do not object to the added on tip for a large group and would normally make it 20% total but if you are going to add an 18% gratuity, the server could at least attempt to be polite and informative.

The next vent has to do with the arrangement. Fondue is a communal meal and should be served in this fashion. Instead of a bunch of burners in a long table, they should arrange larger groups at large round tables with lazy susans so that people can partake of all the choices the group has made. If 2 people are meant to share a pot, why were there not 4 pots provided for 9 people?

The food was mediocre. Cheese fondues were not warm enough to be fluid until they were half eaten. The meat fondues boiled and the chocolate fondues were a bit too hot. The chocolate fondues were served with too many sweets to dip rather than fruits. Overall, I really did not care for the foods.

The tea tasted like a tea bag.

This is the second horrendous experience that I had at a melting pot restaurant. I would not go to one again.

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This entry was posted on June 12, 2012 by in Tacoma, Washington.
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