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Mac’s Broiler & Tap

Visited on 6/23/12.

So, the return to Mac’s came today and the experience was so drastically different that I felt it deserved a new post rather than just an update.

We were greeted immediately upon walking in the door, seated almost as rapidly, and had a waiter appear in under 5 minutes. Wow! What a change.

We went for burgers, I chose the basic cheeseburger and J had the basic burger. The burgers were thick, juicy, and fully flavored. (It bore no resemblance to the burger that I had there a couple of years before.) The bun was adequate but a bit on the small side. The toppings provided were fresh. For sides, I had the french fries and J chose the fruit cup. The fries were perfectly cooked, golden, crispy, and not oily. J said the fruit was okay.

The tea was greatly improved today over what I had before but it was slightly fruity which I do not care for. J says the beer is fine.

The only down side to the experience today was the server, not to be confused with our waiter. The server threw the food at us and bolted before we could say anything; I was attempting to get mayonnaise. The waiter was a pleasant contrast. He was attentive enough to notice that my tea was getting low (not empty) and brought a new glass. He also was paying enough attention that he did not put lemon in the second glass either and noticed that I did not use a straw so he did not put another one in.

It was a really good experience today and I would return again soon.

Sadly my last visit (several months ago) was so horrendous that I will not return. The food had been slipping again for some time; changes in preparation, flavors were different, burgers not cooked properly, etc. I had a bad glass of wine, it was undrinkable (confirmed by the other 3 people at the table) and the waitress said, oh, several other people had complained that week as well. That was it, she left it, did not offer a replacement, and charged me for it. This along with the fact that she was extremely slow (one person at the table gave up and went to the bar to get a beverage); never checked on our food or if we needed anything, and did not have any knowledge of the food meant the entire experience was just nasty!

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This entry was posted on June 23, 2012 by in Arizona, Tempe.
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