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Wild Horse West

Visited on 6/24/12.

How can you resist going to a place that purports to have the best burgers in Arizona? So, we decided to take a long Sunday drive and give it a try. Fortunately, before we went I looked at their menu online and saw that the establishment is cash only. The prices are cheap!

It is a much smaller restaurant/bar than you would expect from the outside of the building. It is basic but clean. The menu is tiny, one page only, they do burgers and dogs. We chose to split a hamburger after being told they were half-pounders. The burger is accompanied by pickles, onions, lettuce, peppers and chips. J chose to add a tomato to his for a small charge. They split ours in half, adding an extra bag of chips, and did not charge for this. The burger was cooked well even though it was ordered medium well, despite this it was still very juicy. It was a very good version of that type of burger but would not rate as the best in Arizona in my book. It was done on a grill, probably with butter, with decent burger but not outstanding meat.

The tea was very good and J had a couple of decent choices of beers (much to my surprise). Hey, if I were in the neighborhood again, I would eat there again.

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This entry was posted on June 25, 2012 by in Arizona, Peoria.
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