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My Arepa

Had delivered on 7/1/12.

We were in this tiny establishment once but had not been back to dine (they do not have beer), however, when I found myself unable to cook or go out to dinner, we decided to try them again as they deliver.

The order system was online through grubhub and it was easy to use. We were called promptly by the restaurant when they did not have all items in the order. They delivered about 5 minutes earlier than their estimate. The delivery charge was a reasonable $3.

We decided to try several items, splitting them all. The appetizer was tequeños, a white cheese encased in bread dough and fried. They were okay but did not excite us, they were rather like mozzarella sticks. Our mains were a shredded beef empanada, a blond arepa (fried) and a ground beef arepa (baked). The empanada was tasty with a nicely seasoned moist and tender beef; it was also served with a slightly sweet salsa. The ground beef arepa was okay, I felt it needed some more seasoning and the baking certainly made for a different texture. I think that I liked the texture of the baked arepa a bit more than that of the fried one. The chorizo used in the blanco arepa was very good, this is NOT Mexican style chorizo, but more like Spanish chorizo.

We enjoyed the meal and would get more food there. We might even eat at the restaurant again some time when J is not looking for a beer.

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This entry was posted on July 3, 2012 by in Arizona, Mesa.
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