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Tommy Bahama

Visited on 7/3/12.

Tommy Bahama is a small chain (about a dozen restaurants total) so I will include it.

We arrived about 10 minutes before happy hour so our waiter took our drink order and gave us time to decide to take advantage of the happy hour menu.

I chose the sliders and also ordered a side of french fries. J had the ahi tuna poke. My sliders were luscious, juicy and full of flavor. There were two of them, the perfect amount for one person, and they were loaded with sautéed onions, cheddar cheese, and bacon. A spear of pickles (baby gherkin, pearl onion) and tomato topped it. J said that his poke was good.

Service was good overall but our waiter was distracted by some very talkative customers from near her home town. This did cause a delay at the end when waiting for our bill.

The ice tea is excellent and J has a choice of beers plus they have his Longboard on tap.

I have enjoyed every meal that I have eaten here.

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