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Visited on 7/11/12.

Our recent visit to the new Indian restaurant was a pleasant experience.

The service was prompt and attentive.

We started with the vegetable samosa. The pastry was actually quite tough but the filling was not bad. It was a bit under spiced for my tastes but the coriander chutney that accompanied them was very good and the tamarind chutney was not the overly sweet variety that happens so often.  The tamarind was a bit on the thin side.

For our mains we had the masala dosa and the lamb vindaloo. The dosa itself was quite good, crisp and not greasy but the filling was under spiced (it was basically the same filling as for the samosa). The dosa had the usual trio of accompaniments, coconut chutney, tomato chutney, and  sambar. The coconut was very tasty and mild, the tomato was spicy (this is not one I care for so I won’t comment on the flavor), and the sambar was very good. The lamb vindaloo had a pretty good flavor but was a bit less pungent than it should be and strangely had a lot of potato in it. The basmati rice was cooked properly, neither salty nor greasy but it was not the highest quality basmati as the nutty flavor was quite subdued. We also ordered a roti for bread, it was very good, not over charred and nicely chewy.

They do not have brewed ice tea but J had a couple of Indian beers to choose from.

Overall, it was an okay experience. It is conveniently close so I would go again but it does not rate high on my list.

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