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Lucas Restaurant og Bar

Visited on 9/11/12.

This comfortable little establishment is very convenient to NTNU. We stopped in for a small celebration on a very wet Tuesday and they were quite busy. Unfortunately, this led to trouble keeping up with all of the tables.

There was a bit of a wait but the usual Pils came at last after a couple of coffees. The coffees were quite good.

For dinner we had the verona, the amigo pizza, and the greek salad. The verona turns out to be basically a football shaped calzone stuffed with ground beef, onions, and ham. It was quite good. The amigo pizza is topped with pineapple and pepperoni. This pizza was very good, the sauce was put on with a delicate hand and was not sweet. The cheese was present but did not take over the other ingredients. Their pepperoni was a very tasty very slightly spicy sausage which was balanced nicely with the amount of pineapple. The crust was thin, moist, and had a slight crisp. I would have preferred a slightly crispier crust but the overall pizza was very good. The greek salad was a wonderful blend of ingredients, feta cheese, olives, red onions, lettuce, and cucumber with a light drizzle of olive oil. Freshly baked triangles of a delightful fluffy  bread accompanied the salad.

Lucas is highly recommended.

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