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Bristol Conditori

Visited on 9/10/12.

This is a pleasant little coffee shop. The staff is friendly and the cafe is comfortable with old European style decor (it reminds me of several coffee shops in Münster). The vafler are quite good. Should you can choose to have it with brunost, they put just the right amount on so that the sweetness of the cheese does not overpower you when added to the already sweet waffle.

The coffee is reasonable but not very strong, it is cheap and the price includes a second cup.

2 comments on “Bristol Conditori

  1. ilviaggiopsd
    September 21, 2012

    vafle = waffle, brunost = the cheese?

    • luvsfood
      September 21, 2012

      vafler is indeed what they call their waffles, not to be confused with thick ones, more like a pancake in thickness; brunost is a Norwegian thing, translated as brown cheese, it is quite sweet, almost caramel in flavor

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