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Peppe’s Pizza – Kjøpmannsgata

Visited on 9/16/12.

This is a large chain but since it is a J go to place, I decided to include it. They seem to be consistent whether you are getting your pizza here or at one in Oslo.

We had a side salad and the Heavy Heaven pizza. The sauce is a bit sweet and a little heavier than I care for. The pepperoni is a decent brand but not very spicy and quite sparse. The chopped beef was tough and chewy while the meatballs were very tasty. The cheese was good and the quantity of cheese was also good. The crust had a nice crispness but suffered from dryness. The salad was okay but nothing remarkable.

Service was pretty good but on occasion a bit slow.

Overall, Peppe’s is okay if you want a reliable product.

Added due to J comment: Peppe’s is quite a bit better than Napoli but not as good as Lucas for pizza. Have not tried other items at Napoli or Lucas yet.

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This entry was posted on September 21, 2012 by in Norway, Trondheim.
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