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Cafe Dublin Irish Pub

Visited on Sep. 22, 2012.

This Irish pub has undergone at least 3 name changes since I have been visiting Trondheim, this is the first time that it has looked at all inviting. We ventured in on a Saturday afternoon after doing errands in town. The pub was quiet, nearly empty, and had some good Irish music playing.

They had several ciders to choose from but most importantly, they had Magner’s. J thought the beer choices were okay.

For lunch, I tried the beef and guinness stew and a side of chips (french fries in the U.S.) while J went for the fish and chips. The stew was quite different from those that I had in the past, the broth was quite thin, the stew had a lot of potatoes and huge chunks of mushroom. I did not mind the potatoes as they are traditionally served with at least but I found the mushrooms overwhelming. The broth was tasty. The chips were nice and crispy. J says the fish and chips were fine, he enjoyed it.

The service was friendly, helpful, and good. It was a pleasant afternoon. (J quote at the end there.)

UPDATE: We have been back numerous times and several others have joined. The food is quite good with the stew being the weakest dish (and it is liked by many). I had an excellent steak there and a nice version of chicken Kiev while J enjoyed a Jule tallerken.

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