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Visited on  Oct. 7, 2012.

The restaurant is decorated with lots of Indian items and the curtains in the windows are cut to make the window the classic Indian window/door shape. The atmosphere was comfortable but the service was a bit slow.

We started with the vegetable samosa. They were very good, crispy not oily, a little mild but very tasty and were accompanied by three chutneys. The yogurt and mint chutney was an unusual one for me to see with samosa but it went nicely and had good flavor. The tamarind chutney was perfect, spicy, sweet, and thick. The mango chutney was a fine example of this chutney which I do not care for as it is too sweet. The samosas are a definite keeper.

For the mains, we ordered the beef rogan josh (choosing vindaloo, their hottest, for the heat level) and the chana masala. The sauce for the rogan josh was very good with all the complexity of flavor that you expect in a dish with so many ingredients. It was not really very hot though but it had definite heat. The only negative for this dish is that it was obvious that the meat had not spent that much time in the sauce so it did not absorb all of the flavors and was a bit dry. The chana masala  was also a very good version of this dish. This one used red onion which I did not like as much as I do the usual brown onion. Both dishes were garnished with toothpicks of ginger, a nice touch. The main course was served with more of the chutneys, pappadum, and basmati rice. The pappadum were quite good, not greasy but a tad over cooked. The basmati was not a great variety as it lacked much of the distinctive nuttiness of a really good basmati.

We also ordered a sada naan. The naan was perfectly done, puffy and moist.

We really enjoyed the meal. I would rate the restaurant as very good and would definitely go again.

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