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Khao Thai

Visited on Oct. 13, 2012.

The restaurant had pretty typical Thai restaurant decor and it was comfortable. I would have preferred for my table to be clean (they had just opened for the day) rather than look as if someone had just left it and they did not have time to change the linen.

Our lunch was one dish this time, we chose to sample the chicken pha naeng gai. This panang was very good. The heat was a bit on the mild side for panang but the flavors were excellent. The lime was sublime, exactly right, the kafir lime flavor stood out but did not overwhelm the coconut milk. the peanuts wer quite subtle and balanced the other flavors nicely. I have rarely had a panang where the flavor of each ingredient was so distinct yet so well-balanced.

The service was okay, a little less friendly than most and a bit slow. The food will bring me back to try more despite the flaws in the service and table linens.


update: visited again on Oct. 21, 2012.

On this visit there were 4 of us so we got to try more dishes. I cannot recall all of them but it left me with the general impression that most of their food is so-so but their chicken panang is truly exceptional.

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