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Three Lions British Pub

Visited on  Oct. 13, 2012.

We stopped in for a snack as there were still 2 hours until the restaurant of choice would be open for lunch.  The service was prompt and friendly. The pub was comfortable and dressed in the usual British pub style. They had Magner’s cider for me so that was a huge plus.

For our snack we tried the chips and the onion rings. The chips were cooked nicely, quite crisp and not greasy. I did not care for the seasoning salt used, it was also too salty but they did have a very good malt vinegar to use for them. The chips were also a bit wide for my taste. The onion rings were very small and of uniform size, thus clearly demonstrating that they were made from chopped up reconstituted onion. While I did not care for the taste or texture of the onion rings, they were properly cooked and not oily. The plus to the onion rings is that they were served with a good sweet chili sauce.

I would go back and try an actual meal here some time. Overall, it was good.

One comment on “Three Lions British Pub

  1. John Quigg
    October 14, 2012

    I liked the rings.

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