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Visited May 18, 2012.

This was our opening restaurant for Spring Arizona Restaurant Week. Our reservation was at 7pm and we were seated promptly. The waiter was attentive even while we were waiting on one member of the party to arrive. There was one minor glitch in the orders but P thought perhaps the waiter could have misheard.

This was a restaurant week steal, all their regular sized portions and 4 courses for only $30. The opening was a flatbread; the very thin crisp crust with mozzarella, tomato, and basil was a delightful start. There was a lot with half of one per person and since we had 5, there was even more per person. Second course consisted of a garden salad which P and M reported as being a fine salad but just a salad; P did comment that she really like the pine nuts (I thought that one was supposed to be sunflower seeds.) and the white balsamic vinaigrette.  I chose the  spinach salad and thoroughly enjoyed the combination of gorgonzola cheese, pine nuts, raspberries and spinach; D also said that it was a very nice salad. J chose the chicken gumbo, when asked how it was, he gave it a big thumbs up.

For the main course, D and J chose the cedar planked salmon and proclaimed it to be very good. M chose the shrimp penne pasta and said that it was good but not exciting; it was a fine pasta. P and I chose the filet mignon. Both were cooked as ordered and served with mushrooms, P had them omit the potatoes from hers and I omitted the asparagus. P declared her steak to be excellent; I found the meat to be very good, quite tender, cooked beautifully and quite tasty but I would not go as far as excellent as there are a couple that I like better elsewhere. It certainly rates among the top steaks to be had though.

The dessert course was a mini dessert choice from about 8. J chose the red velvet cake which he said was good (I admit that I did not care for my taste of it but then I am not a fan of red velvet cake.). P was delighted to discover a dessert that she could consume, fresh fruit and seemed to enjoy it. D chose the cheesecake and said it was good. I forgot what M ordered and failed to write it down. I had the raspberry chocolate chip cannoli, it was fine.

Beverages we had included ice tea (a good strong black tea), beer (an okay but not great selection according to J), wine (D seemed pleased with his choice), and coffee (the usual disappointing weak restaurant variety).

The atmosphere was okay for the decor but it was quite loud and echoey. I would try it again on the patio or at a less busy time so that it would not be so loud. Overall, I think we all enjoyed our meal.

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