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Salty Sow

Visited on May 23, 2013.

Restaurant 4 for restaurant week. We arrived 15 minutes early so we went to the bar for a beverage. The first thing that struck us was the volume. It was quite loud and difficult to converse. The tea was a strong brew which I enjoy but P would have preferred a more mellow brew.

At 7, out reservation time, we were promptly seated. The noise level was better in the dining area. While still a bit too loud, at least we could converse.

The selection here is limited to 2 items in each category, usually there are 3 for the restaurant week menus. As both the appetizer and main had one choice that was either fish or seafood, that left me with no choice to make. It turned out that P made exactly the same choices with the exception of how the filet was cooked.

We started with the farm salad. I really enjoyed the flavors of the salad and the ingredients went well together. The salad consisted of greens, a slow poached egg (110 min), a fabulous blue cheese, radishes, avocado, almonds, onion, and bacon lardons with a white balsamic vinaigrette. The salad was not over dressed. It was quite rich with the egg yolk, bacon lardons, and blue cheese. I found the egg to be not quite to my liking; the white was still a bit runny but the yolk was beautifully thick.

The main was a mixed grill consisting of a filet, pork belly, roast bone marrow, and a fried egg. It was accompanied by a sweet cabbage and a sweet mustard jus. My filet was ordered medium rare and cooked exactly that way while P ordered medium and found it to be quite rare. The bone marrow was so heavy with garlic that there was really no other flavor to it. The filet was a very good piece of meat as was the pork belly. I was a bit disappointed that the skin of the pork belly was not crisper. The egg was fried beautifully, the white was fully cooked and firm while the yolk was warm and thick. I found both the cabbage and the jus to be too sweet. Overall, the plate was extremely rich and could have used a starch to mellow it out.

For dessert, we chose the dark chocolate bread pudding. This was okay but it was not a bread pudding, it was a chocolate cake. I could not understand why they chose to describe it as bread pudding. It was also very rich. I ordered a coffee (why do I keep making this mistake) to accompany the dessert and it was unremarkable usual weak restaurant coffee.

The food was carefully prepared and the service was impeccable. I would probably  try this gastro pub again but would definitely make different selections.

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