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Visited on May 24, 2013.

Pick 5 of restaurant week took us to Charr an American burger bar. Once again, the traffic was lighter than expected so we arrived almost 15 minutes early for our reservation. This time, she said our table was ready and we could be seated immediately if we liked. We did like.

It is the type of room that is often very noisy, sort of industrial looking with the pipes showing at the ceiling. Surprisingly, it was not that loud. It is not fancy but it is not a dump.

This as a two for $30 meal meaning that we shared the appetizer and dessert while having our own main course. We decided to try the garlic chili glazed chicken wings. I liked them more than I expected to and P enjoyed them as well. They had a little kick to them, which P did not really mind until it built up at the end, but were quite sweet. I used blue cheese dressing for dipping and this mellowed the sweet. The wings were very meaty and moist. The skin was not crisp, otherwise, they were cooked beautifully.

I chose the Carolina barbecue burger for my main, it came with truffle fries. The bun was interesting, a garlic knot. I liked the idea and the texture but it did fall apart at the knot. The burger was overcooked to dry, I ordered it medium well and it was decidedly far beyond that. In was very messy to eat. Due to the Carolina part of the name, I was not surprised that it was a sweet barbecue sauce. The bacon was not crisp at all, since I am not a large fan of bacon to begin with, this did nothing to change my mind. If it had been cooked properly, the bacon could have added to the burger and help with the sweetness of the sauce, since it was undercooked, I had to remove it. The jack cheese was a fine choice for the burger. They also claimed that it had cippolina, I can only assume that they meant cipollini onions but they were not that either. The onion was too raw for me and I was quite happy to leave it off when it slid out of the burger. The french fries were not pleasant. The truffle was too light to really be detectable, they had a coating, they were not at all crisp, and they were not hat. The burger was barely warm as well. Overall, I did not enjoy my burger.

P had the flat iron steak which she seemed to enjoy. I had a taste of the meat and it was very flavorful. It was cooked to medium as it was ordered and covered by a generous amount of mushroom marsala sauce. P enjoyed the sauce and steak. It was accompanied by a potato cake, which I found to be quite nice, it had a very crisp crust and creamy mashed potatoes inside. P also said that it was good. Almondine green beans were the side dish and P said they were undercooked, far too crunchy.

The dessert that we shared was an apple crumb cobbler with vanilla ice cream and a caramel sauce. I took one bite and chose not to have any more. I did not care for the taste nor the texture. It was way over the top sweet, the crumbs were not crisp, the apples were soggy, the ice cream was significantly melted which was odd as the cobbler was not warm.

The brewed ice tea was okay but not great. The service was excellent.

I would not choose to ear here again but I also would not refuse to accompany someone who wanted to go here. I really did not enjoy my meal but I did notice that they did some things well.

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  1. ilviaggiopsd
    June 5, 2013

    The tables were crowded.

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