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Yupha’s Thai Kitchen

Visited on May 30, 2013.

Hidden in a strip mall next to a “dollar” theatre is a little Thai restaurant with great food.

We started with the Siam Wraps, ground chicken with hoisin and plum sauces wrapped in lettuce leaves. This dish was delightful, bright and crisp, the flavors of the galangal and lemon grass shone through and we enhanced by the sauces.

For our main course, we chose the beef panang. This was a large bowl of tasty sauce with green beans, bell peppers, and beef. It really was quite soupy and could have used more rice than the tiny bowl that came with it. The brown sauce was rich with coconut and kissed with lime and I would have loved to have more rice to consume it.

The ice tea was horrible. J found the beer choice adequate.

THe problem here is the service It was really non-existent. Our waiter took our order and never came to the table again. Bussers served the food. No one checked to see how it was or if we needed anything. We tried for some time to get more service but had to give up. Hence, J did not get his second beer, I could get no more rice, a spoon, or s replacement beverage and we were not able to sample dessert. A pity as the food really was delightful.

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