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Citizen Public House

Visited on June 1, 2013.

This was a visit that we have meant to do since last year’s overly loud restaurant week visit. We chose to go for our Saturday afternoon “lupper” shortly after they opened at 3;00pm to try to avoid the noise. Success!!! The noise level was acceptable, we could hear the music (a nice selection of blues) and each other.

As before, the food was awesome.

We nibbled on rosemary spiced nuts and had cocktails, kudos to the mixologist, while we decided upon our meal choices. My cocktail was the summer rum punch which I thoroughly enjoyed, twice. A chose the grapefruit margarita which she enjoyed twice as well. J found a couple of beers to his liking.

We finally chose the cheese, sausage and bread appetizer to nibble some more while we really did finally get down to choosing the meal. All three items were great and completed each other beautifully; the slightly sweet mustard added another note to the dish.

I chose “The Original Chopped Salad” and was extremely happy with my selection. It was a beautifully balanced blend of chicken (for me as I am allergic to salmon), Israeli couscous, arugula, dried corn, asiago cheese, pepitas, tomatoes, and currants. It is dressed with a bold buttermilk pesto dressing. This was an awesome salad! A went with the charred tomato gazpacho which she enjoyed. J selected the lamb burger which was cooked exactly as he requested. The burger looked to be very moist and J said that it was excellent; the french fries were very good and the ketchup was a  refreshingly different house made version containing cardamom. I tasted it and really liked it which I find surprising as I do not usually like ketchup.

J managed to save room for dessert and selected the Guinness Pudding Jar. This was basically a chocolate pot a creme with stout. J really enjoyed it (and the two cookies that came with it). A went with an Irish coffee and I chose an espresso.

J found the selection of beers to be very good. The iced ta was excellent. The service was fantastic. I am so glad we returned and we will likely do so many times.

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