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Ocean Blue Caribbean Restaurant & Bar

Visited on Feb. 8, 2014.

We decided to give this tiny little restaurant a try for Saturday linner.

The tables were not cleaned off so there was very little choice of where to sit. We were greeted shortly after we sat ourselves. The waiter was friendly and really running around trying to get to everyone, I think he could have used some help as most of the tables were occupied and there were several people at the bar.

We were disappointed shortly after ordering when he told us that the goat was not ready yet. We went ahead, J decided to try the oxtail and I went for the classic jerk chicken (1/4 boneless white meat). Each main came with a choice of two sides. J selected fried plantains and white rice while I went with the plantains and festivals. The oxtail was very tender in a very tasty mildly spiced gravy. J ended up being served rice and beans instead of white rice, I found the texture of this dish to be much better than the usual gummy mess that I get  too often. However, there was really not much flavor. The plantains were excellent, ripe but not mush, fried to a beautiful crispy golden brown and not at all greasy. My festival was very nice, just a bit sweet (as it should have been) and perfectly fried without being greasy. The jerk chicken was a delight and had some decent heat to it.

J had Red Stripe, so while the beer selection was not great, they did have one he likes. The iced tea was quite good.

I will definitely try this one again.

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