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The Eatery at Queen Creek Olive Mill

Visited on 30 August, 2014.

This is a hard one. This place has been on my list to try for quite some time but it is a bit far out there. I have heard rave reviews of one particular sandwich and the pizza for years. Perhaps this was too much hype for any place to live up to.

Somehow, I was expecting a restaurant and it is really a cafeteria. Once I got over the initial shock, it was okay. It is basically a small cafeteria in the back of the store selling olive related goods. You order at the counter and they give you a pager to know when your food is ready.

I started with the warm olives. This was a very generous serving of delightfully herbed warm firm olives. There was very little variety to the olives in the bowl but they were excellent. The next course was the chopped salad. I enjoyed the salad, especially the addition of chick peas (and, of course, lots of olives), and found the vinaigrette dressing to pleasant and not over done. I did expect the greens to be chopped more as it was a chopped salad but that did not detract from my enjoyment of the salad.

“The Sandwich” that I heard so much about is called the Kalamata. The sandwich is described as several italian meats, herb roasted tomatoes, seasoned greens, provolone, red onion, with a white Balsamic and herb crema on a grilled baguette. It clearly had several meats that were likely those described and a slice of provolone. From that point, I am unconvinced that it followed the rest of the description. The tiny bit of greenery that I found did not appear to be seasoned in any manner and I really do not believe the tomato slice was roasted. As for the herb crema, I have no idea where it was hidden and the white balsamic was barely in evidence. The bread was most definitely not a baguette but it was a very lovely crispy almost ciabatta like roll. The sandwich was pretty good but did not live up to the hype nor its description.

The pizza that J selected was the San Francisco Peaks. He found it a bit strange and definitely fork and knife variety. I tasted his pizza and the toppings did not appeal to me but the underlying crust has promise and it was not drowned in tomato sauce. With a different set of toppings, it might have been a decent pizza. The style is rather thick crust that is chewy but crisp on the outside. His pizza was a twist on my sandwich so the flavors were similar but the ricotta on it did not work for me and the onion was far more in evidence on the pie.

We also decided to try the gelato for dessert. Our flavor selection was the dark chocolate chunk. There were lots of chunks and it was a very nice chocolate. It was an okay gelato.

As to the iced tea, it was good tea but they gave me a tiny plastic cup. It is irritating when serving yourself that you have to hop up and go across the room so many times in order to have beverage as you eat. J said the beer choices were okay, he had a Four Peaks Sunbru.

Not a great success but I would most definitely give it another try. With lower expectations and different food selections, I would probably enjoy it more.


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