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Baby Kay’s Cajun Kitchen

Visited 15 November, 2014.

Imagine my excitement upon discovering that my favorite Cajun restaurant had moved to my back yard! I have enjoyed this establishment for many years (from its original establishment on Camelback in Scottsdale). This recent one was actually my second visit to the current location in Mesa. I enjoyed both visits but the first one a bit more. The owners are no longer the original but did learn to cook the dishes from the original owners who are said to use Baby Kay’s for catering.

We thoroughly enjoyed the hush puppies; beautifully crispy not greasy with a hint of heat. The andouille sliders did not appeal to either of us in the end, the sausage is lovely but just did not lend itself to this delivery mechanism but the barbecue sauce that accompanied them was delicious. French fries were golden, crispy outside, fluffy inside, and not greasy.

On my first visit, I accidentally ordered the Cajun combination. When I realized my error, they very kindly offered my companion the crawfish etouffee (which I cannot eat due to allergies) and replaced it with jambalaya (thus making it the Serena combo that I had intended to order). In addition, they refused to charge me for my error! The jambalaya was excellent and the gumbo (chicken and andouille) was fabulous (I LOVE this stuff here.). J said the crawfish etouffee was excellent as well. For my recent visit, I chose another old favorite, the Cornish game hen. I was not so happy with this one; the flavor was very good but the cooking needs work. The skin was pale, not quite crispy, and a bit greasy. In addition, this is the first time that it was served with the bird split in half; it seems that I like it better served whole. It was accompanied with a generous portion of their excellent dirty rice. J chose the Jambalaya, a huge portion, and enjoyed it. Both main dishes were accompanied by a salad served with a very nice house Cajun vinaigrette.

Desserts were a very nice sweet potato pie and a very good bread pudding. The bread pudding here is a very dense version covered with chopped pecans and surrounded by an excellent bourbon sauce.

The tea is good and J found acceptable beers. We will return and hope for improvement on the hen.

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