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Fate Brewing Co.

Visited 28 Feb. 2015.

This was actually our second visit here but the first was a quite some time ago and J did not recall that he had been there until after we went inside.

Clearly, you go here for the beers as that is what they are dedicated to but they put together some tasty bites to go with the brews.

They had a couple of ciders, one of which I could not drink (this darned new trend of putting hops into ciders) and Wild apple cider which was acceptable though a bit too sweet. J tried a couple of their brews; he declared the Droppin Beetz Saison to be so-so and not a keeper but the cream ale was fine.

We had the Irish Nachos (sans bacon) for our appetizer. I really enjoyed it; it was very tasty and they had a light hand with the rosemary. J did not care for the charred part (my favorite bit) but liked it if he avoided that.

The house pizza of the day was a Taco pizza. It was surprisingly good! Even I, not a big pizza fan, would have it again gladly. The shredded beef had some decent spice and a good flavor, the lime crema was a delight and made my palate dance. More cilantro would not be amiss but for most, there was probably enough there. The onions did not overwhelm. J said that he enjoyed it too. I loved the chili infused olive oil that they bring out with the pizza; I would have been happy with pizza crust and this olive oil.

We will definitely go back and hopefully not wait so long this time.

Update: A name changed was forced on them, they are now McFate

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