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North Mountain Brewing

Visited on 14 Feb., 2015.

We found this brew pub to be a little loud but they had a side room that got you away from the noise.

We tried their wings for a starter. They were perfectly crisp with a spicy slightly different wing seasoning. The blue cheese dressing served with the wings was great; thick, chunky, good quality cheese.

For our mains, I chose the poutine and J went for the sausage platter. The poutine was pleasant enough but would have been improved if they had started with crisp fries but they topped them with really good brisket. The cheese curds looked and acted more like grated mozzarella than the traditional cheddar curd. Overall the dish was acceptable and quite to a level that would cause me to order it again. J said that the sausages were pretty good.

Dessert was very interesting and a bit hard to describe. It was a cake with a bit of a dry coarse texture topped by a very good vanilla bean ice cream and garnished with candied basil and raspberry coulis. I found the taste combinations interesting but J felt the basil did not go. While I found it interesting, I would not have it again.

My iced tea tasted like a tea bag; not much actual tea flavor. J felt that the beer choices were adequate.

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