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YA! Sushi

Visited 7 June, 2015.

Normally I would never go to a sushi restaurant as I am allergic to seafood. This was Sunday and there are very few restaurants in Trondheim open for lunch. K went in and asked if they had anything for me. Of course, they said, they had chicken maki, so we went in. Chef Tommy spoke with me and decided that even seaweed should be avoided as I was not sure if it was okay. He said he would make me something. I was pleasantly surprised with a large meal of tempura chicken and vegetables accompanied by spring rolls and a “salad”. Many thanks to the chef for taking the time to accommodate my allergy so that my friends could enjoy a sushi meal.

My food was carefully prepared and was a very delightful variety of vegetables and chicken. The vegetables  provided a range of textures and flavors. The meat and vegetable filled spring rolls were light and crispy.  J had the California maki and said they were very nice. K chose the sushi moriawase combo, which she said was all good and that she particularly enjoyed the grilled nigiri. M also declared  the YA! sushi express to be very good.

Appropriate beer was available.  Both K and I chose the Japanese hot tea; the toasted sesame seed gave it a very different aroma and taste; it was very good.

The service was excellent; friendly and attentive.

Definitely a delightful surprise.

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This entry was posted on June 7, 2015 by in Trondheim.
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