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Burger Joint

Visited 15 June, 2015.

As I was not feeling very well and hence not overly ambitious, we chose something close. We decided to give the burger joint a try as it was billed as American style hamburgers (something we have given up trying to find outside of the U.S.).

Sticking to the basics, we both chose the classic cheese burger and original fries. the burgers were surprising, much better than I had hoped based on earlier forays into the Norwegian burger scene. The patty was a nice size, not fast food flat, 200 grams, beefy and not loaded with fillers. The patty was too loose so you did not get that firm meat bite but the flavors were good. It came with cheddar cheese, sour dill pickles, grilled onion, and Bloody Mary ketchup. I found this version of ketchup to be acceptable and it was applied with a very light hand; I really enjoyed the grilled onions and pickles. The burger was pretty good overall but a bit greasy, we decided on a 6 out of 10. The french fries were nice but not quite crisp enough.

J found acceptable beer and I tried their house made ice tea. I did not care for the tea as it was fruity and sweet but I could drink it.

You order a the counter and then they bring the food out; the service was good and the server was friendly and helpful.

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This entry was posted on June 16, 2015 by in Norway, Oslo.
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