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Cafe Sorgenfri

Visited 14 June, 2015.

This restaurant at Aker Brygge specializes in Danish cuisine. As it was not the correct time for the Danish breakfast, we chose Danish dinner items. I had the ox jowl; this was extremely tender and very moist. I like the meat and the raw horseradish grated on the top. The mashed potatoes did nothing for me and there was too much bacon for my taste. I enjoyed the stewed cabbage and the bite of the pickles was interesting. It was an enjoyable dish. Both J and E chose the moules frites (mussels and french fries); while they thought the combination sounded odd, they both enjoyed it and said they went surprisingly well together. J chose the cream sauce for his mussels (traditional) and said that he really liked the sauce; E opted for the chili, coriander, and ginger sauce; he said it was good but was not very spicy. The french fires (I did try one) were cooked quite well, very crispy; the complaint was they were not the correct shape to be truly great as they were cut with one side wider rather than square. It did not stop them from eating them all.

They found beer choices to be acceptable.

The service was excellent and she checked often to see if the food was being enjoyed or if we needed anything.

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  1. luvsfood
    June 21, 2015

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    Revisited for brunch on 20 June, 2015.

    We decided to return so that J could try the Danish breakfast plate. I could not eat most of that so I just chose a couple of dishes from it. It was a very large amount of food. I enjoyed the liver paté but it was a bit coarser ground than I prefer but it was accompanied by pickled beets, onions, and dill pickles in addition to bacon and mushrooms. The bread was very good to put it all on. I also had the baked cammbert with blackberry jam; the jam was really good, not very sweet and lots of berries. In addition to these items, J’s plate included herring of the day, shrimp salad, and Danish meatballs with red cabbage. It was very nice, he enjoyed it.

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