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Jarmann Gastropub

Visited 17 June, 2015.

How could we resist a gastropub in Oslo. They reported having 17 taps and 50 different bottles while attempting to provide high quality fresh food: it had to be visited.

I selected the tomato and mozzarella salad as well as a side of fries with dip. The salad was excellent; two varieties of fresh flavorful tomatoes were accompanied by lots of soft fresh mozzarella, plenty of good olives,  and a generous amount of fresh basil leaves; the salad was finished off with croutons and balsamic. The fries were cooked very nicely and had a suitable cut but I found the accompanying dip to be too salty. J chose the fish and chips. The cod had a very thick batter which usually puts him off but he said that it seemed to work and the fish was good. It was accompanied with tartar sauce, chips (the same as my fries), and mushy peas. J said the peas were okay (he never says vegetables are good) and I forgot to ask about the tartar sauce.

Service was slow to start but once started was good.

Beer selection was excellent and I even had a choice of more than one cider.

While it falls a bit short of the types of food that I expect to find in a gastropub, it is more interesting than the average pub food and was well prepared. I would visit again.

I revisited Jarmann for lunch on 23 June, 2015.

L chose to have the fish and chips which she said were excellent and quite light, unlike most fish and chips which she finds to be heavy. I decided to give the gastroburger a try. The burger was not too badly constructed, the meat was still too loose for my liking and it was a bit undercooked. The meat flavor was not very pronounced and it was quite messy to eat. It was quite tasty but not really an American style burger (on that scale it would get a 5). Once again there chips were cooked beautifully. L also decided to have dessert, rhubarb pie. It looked delectable and she said that it was very good.

Our server was excellent from the start this time.

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