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Restaurant Marrakech

Visited on 16 June, 2015.

This is a tiny little restaurant decorated to resemble the buildings of Marrakesh. Since it is so tiny, reservations are recommended.

I was disappointed that my appetizer of choice, pastilla, was not available. I hate when that happens at the beginning of the dinner hour. We started with the 6 small dishes appetizer. This was a variety of “pickled” vegetables. They were not really all pickles, that was just how they were described to us. There was a slightly course hummus which was okay; some pleasant green olives, a tasty eggplant dish, pickled carrots, a very nice lentil dish, and some really great beans. This was accompanied by an ordinary bread. I chose the chicken tangine as my main; this was excellent; pleasantly spiced, moist, and tender. There were several vegetables cooked in the tangine (carrot, zucchini, parsnip, onion) which was accompanied by roasted potatoes and pleasant sauce. A lovely dish. J chose the lamb tangine which I also sampled; again very pleasantly spiced, tender, and moist. It was accompanied the same way as the lamb tangine. E selected the vegetable couscous and enjoyed it; he said it was quite good.

We finished off with spiced coffee. This was just ordinary coffee in which they ground a bit of cinnamon, fennel, and perhaps cardamom. It was okay but not great. Beer selection was adequate.

The service was extremely slow so do not go there if you are in a hurry. I would definitely return as the food was very good.

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