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Louise Restaurant & Bar

Visited 18 June, 2015.

The baked rosemary rack of lamb was my choice for dinner. The dish was two double lamb chops on a bed of steamed cabbage, accompanied by green beans, potato tart, sun-ripened tomato comfit, and wine sauce. The lamb was cooked perfectly, medium, and was seasoned lightly. The cabbage was still crispy and the baby green beans were delightfully crunchy. I usually avoid anything that says sun-dried tomatoes as it usually feels like chewing on an old shoe; this tomato comfit was very different, it was quite soft and a bit sweet. It went well with the lamb and wine sauce. The potato tasty was extremely buttery; almost too much butter. Overall, a very good dish.  J selected the organic salmon. It was also perfectly cooked, a very crisp skin atop  soft moist  salmon. It was accompanied by a chervil hollandaise, mashed baby peas, and roasted potato balls. J declared to be the best salmon he has ever eaten and says he will not eat salmon outside of Norway again. His dish was a complete success. We shared a dessert of buckthorn sorbet with rhubarb compote. I really like the compote, big chunks of rhubarb cooked until tender with very little sugar. I found the sorbet to be very sour but palatable when mixed with the rhubarb compote. Unfortunately, I found little bits of licorice which I do not care for at all so I only had a few bites. J enjoyed the dessert.

J found a couple of beers to try.

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This entry was posted on June 19, 2015 by in Norway, Oslo.
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