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The Dubliner

Visited on June 19,2015.

It always took a long time to place our orders at the bar. We ordered the chips for a starter; they did not come before the other food. Everything came out together. 

The chips were grossly undercooked, limp, peeled-wally with no crispness at all. For some reason they sent out bernaise sauce to accompany them; they did not seem to suit each and the sauce was beginning to separate.  The bangers part of my bangers and mash was good; the potatoes were way too liquified, they had no texture. The little bit of cabbage that was atop of the mash was quite good but there was far too little of it. The wine sauce was far too sweet to eat and the strange pink substance was inedible.  My dish was not a success. On the other hand, J had a very good Irish stew which was enhanced by the bread and butter that came with it. E said his chili was spicy and very good.

Beer selection was good and I had a choice of ciders.

Overall, an okay experience.

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This entry was posted on June 20, 2015 by in Norway, Oslo.
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