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Albert Bistro

Visited 21 June, 2015.

A rare opportunity to go out for breakfast in Norway was offered by this French bistro. I chose to have fried eggs with bacon and toast. The eggs were cooked nicely, I would have preferred a bit softer but at least they were neither under cooked nor hard. The  breakfast was fine. J had the Norwegian omelette; a fluffy French style omelette covered by a generous amount of lox. He said it was very nice. Both dishes were accompanied by an uninteresting green salad. The coffee, French press of course, was very good.

I may have to try this one for a lunch as well, I found the service attentive and the patio was very pleasant on a quiet Sunday morning.

We revisited this establishment for dinner on 23 June, 2015.

This time, it was not very enjoyable. The service was horrendous! The waiter simply forgot about the beer that was ordered and it took almost a half hour to get his attention to find this out and then to ask for the check. He never checked on us once the food was delivered.

J chose to have the mussels in tomato sauce which he enjoyed but said they were not as good as those he had at Sorgenfri. My dish was the salade chèvre chaud; three very small croutons with chèvre baked on top served with a grossly overdressed salad. There were a lot of caramelized walnuts in the salad which was nice. I chose to have a side of pommes  frites as well. These were a bit overcooked and not cut correctly, i.e. wider in one direction so the cooking was not uniform.

I would only do breakfast at this establishment.

One comment on “Albert Bistro

  1. John quigg
    June 25, 2015

    Breakfast only if sunny and warm enough to sit outside.

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This entry was posted on June 21, 2015 by in Norway, Oslo.
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