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Delicatessen Aker Brygge

Visited on 21 June, 2015.

This is not actually a deli but a tapas restaurant. We selected the fried artichokes with pistachio sauce but were told they were out of pistachio sauce but had romanesco sauce; we opted to try this. The artichokes were greasy but the sauce was okay, not great. We also chose the patatas bravas which turned out to be too much crema and not enough brava; it had no kick and was quite boring. Selection number 3 was a bit more successful, it was the meat empanada with tomato and coriander salsa; the coriander taste came through enough that this one had some nice flavor but the pastry seemed underdone and was doughy tasting. Choice number four was the most successful, lamb meatballs. The lamb was nicely seasoned and cooked properly, it had an okay tzatziki with it. We went on to try two more complete flops, the greasy under-fried patron peppers and the pan con tomate. The bread was not crisped at all at the tomato seemed to have been smashed and then put on the bread rather than rubbed on.

Service was initially quite good but once the food was delivered, we were unable to get the attention of the staff to get more beverage and finally to get the check.

J found a beer that was acceptable.

Not recommended!

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This entry was posted on June 24, 2015 by in Norway, Oslo.
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