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Visited on 22 June, 2015.

I started with the honey grilled pork skewers; the pork was very nice, cooked properly and not over sweet but I could not find the sesame that was supposed to be on top of it. J started with the duck egg rolls and these were fabulous. The foie gras was beautiful, the egg rolls (oddly shaped as triangles) were perfectly cooked; very crisp and not at all greasy. E selected one of the fresh spring roll dishes, I do not recall the exact selection. He did say they were good but he preferred the more common fried spring rolls as opposed to the fresh steamed ones which had a gummy look and texture.

For my main I chose the crispy duck. At the last moment the waiter came out and said they had to switch the sauce as there was fish something in it. This struck me as odd as I have never heard of any fish product in hoisin sauce. The duck was a bit dry so it needed a good sauce but unfortunately the orange gelatinous goo that they served me was not nice let alone good. It detracted from the taste of the duck. They provided plenty of pancakes for the duck which was accompanied by the awful sauce, crispy sticks of cucumber and thin slices of spring onion. As there was virtually no skin and what was there was chopped up with the meat, there was no real crisp to the duck but the meat was tasty. I did not really enjoy my dish but it had some potential. J chose the seafood pot which was full of various types of seafood and smelled of ginger. He said it was very good. E chose a coconut based sauce with seafood and wide rice noodles. He also liked his dish.

There were a few imported beers (Chinese and Korean at least).

The service was good. I am not sure that I would return but it is clear that my dinner companions would.

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This entry was posted on June 24, 2015 by in Norway, Oslo.
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