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Aymara – Cocina Latina

Visited 24 June, 2015.

A largish group (8) went to try out this new restaurant. We all enjoyed the meal.

The menu is set up in three sections and they recommend one from each section; only four of us did three courses, the rest went with two. Since there were so many of us, most of the small (ten dishes) menu was sampled and only two dishes were ordered by only one person. Everyone (including one member of our party from Uruguay) declared the food to be excellent and carefully prepared. The dishes that were ordered were the Ceviche Miraflores, Sopa Fria de Aguacate (only one order of this), Papa a la Verano, Pulpo a la Diabla, Pescado con Coco, Marucha Asado, Polla a la Brasa, and Strawberry and Goat Milk (the other dish that had only one taker).

I personally had the Papa a la Verano and Polla a la Brasa. I found both dishes to be delightful. The potatoes were creamy with a beautiful sauce which included green garlic and mild chili peppers. This dish had the problem of being too small, really four tiny potatoes? I was a bit leery of the smoked chicken as I often do not care for the smoked taste, I find it over powering. I found the level of smokiness in this dish to be completely acceptable, it did not linger on the palate for a long time after and the flavor of the meat still came through. I loved the flavors of this dish, the cilantro infused sauce completed the meat and the young vegetables were cooked to perfection. My only complaint was that the meat was too dry. I also sampled the Marucha Asado as J ordered that one. It was an absolute success, the meat was tender, moist and cooked perfectly. The accompanying chimichurri sauce was fantastic and enhanced by the hazelnuts.

We selected a red wine from Uruguay from the extensive and interesting wine list. The four of us who had the wine liked it. The beer drinkers seemed happy with their selections as well.

I would definitely return.

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