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Salty Sow – Phoenix

Revisited many times, the latest on 27 June, 2015.

I have returned to this gastropub several times since my initial foray during a restaurant week a few years ago.

I think that I am addicted to the duck fat fries as I have to order them ever since I discovered them. The are obviously rich since they are fried in duck fat, but that was not enough, they top them with a beautifully cooked 110 minute egg to coat your mouth and then take it over the top with a bernaise sauce. DIVINE! This time, I also sample J’s chorizo stuffed mushrooms. Anther fabulous taste sensation and I usually do not like mushrooms but I really liked these. While J was enjoying his mushrooms, I chose to sample the honey rosemary chicken. Delightfully crunchy, very moist, great flavor that was completed by the honey. I also like the biscuit but would have preferred that it not be sitting in the pool of honey sauce. We both had a taco, mine was the pork belly taco with a fried egg; yet one more incredibly good dish that I could also become addicted to, just plain decadent. J’s taco was  fish and he also thought it was excellent. For dessert, I chose to have the special dessert for the day, peach cobbler. It was okay, I found the peaches a bit undercooked and that made them tough to cut while the crust had no crunch; it was accompanied by a generous portion of a very good vanilla ice cream. J selected the bananas foster beignets. It was a bit drier than he thought it would be but he enjoyed it while stating that it would be even better with more sauce. The beignets were also accompanied by a generous serving of the vanilla ice cream.

J enjoys the beer selections here and they have one that he has only ever seen here. They make lovely cocktails, I have enjoyed their mojitos and a couple of other rum drinks. I also tasted the blood orange margarita, it was very tasty.

The coffee has improved since my first visit. I do not find it to be great but at least it is palatable. The ice tea is good.

Service is always impeccable and the server are very knowledgeable about the menu.

Highly recommended and I will keep going back.

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This entry was posted on June 29, 2015 by in Arizona, Phoenix.
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