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Two Brothers Tap House and Brewery

Visited on 2 April, 2016.

The starter was chimichurri nachos (Hey ladies of check these out.) The chips were outstanding, corny, strong without being tough and not at all greasy. The toppings had a great flavor: black beans, cheddar cheese, chimchurri sauce, sour cream, lettuce, roasted tomatillo sauce, and pico de gallo. The shredded lettuce added nothing to the mix (there was very little of it) and I would prefer my nachos without lettuce. There could definitely have been more toppings. It was difficult to pick up a chip and keep the toppings. I would try these again but would request a modification or two (maybe add guacamole as well).

For the main course, I decided to go with a second appetizer, baked spinach dip and a side of parmesan truffle fries. The baked spinach dip consisted of large chunks of artichoke, some spinach, parmesan cheese, and a smidgeon of chorizo sprinkled on the top; it was accompanied by more of the great tortilla chips and some dry wedges of pita. The dip was not at all dippable, I used a fork to eat it. Clearly, the pita was not pleasant and I was disappointed in the lack of chorizo; the description ld me to believe that it would be in the dip as a legitimate component rather than a minuscule sprinkling on the top. I most definitely would give this dish a miss. The parmesan truffle fries were okay; the fries are a bit limp and they overuse the truffle. My partner chose the fish and chips; I only got they are okay out of him.

There were a couple of beers to choose from but they suffer from the usual lack in microbreweries here; too much ale and not enough variety. The beers were reported to be pretty good. They brew their own blend of iced tea and you can tell how fresh it is. It is a fantastic tea, probably the best iced tea that I have been served in a restaurant (I even tried to buy some tea to brew my own at home.).

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