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Visited 21 May, 2016.

The first thing we noticed only moments after being seated (shortly before 21:00) was that it was quite loud. It was difficult to converse.

Appetizers were arancini and stuffed paccheri; both were served with a respectable pomodoro sauce. The arancini were okay, a bit bland and not quite firm enough; they did not retain their integrity when cut. The paccheri were stuffed with lemon ricotta which gave them a very bright fresh taste. The hint of balsamic perked up the pomodoro sauce. These were very crispy and definitely the better of the appetizers that we tried.

S and I both chose the handmade spaghetti and meatball for our main course. The spaghetti was over cooked to the point of having a mushy mouth feel. The meatball was a nice blend of meat and had a nice crust but was very soft and fell apart when cut. The primary seasoning for the meatball was pepper. The marinara was quite chunky and a little sweet. J declared the shrimp basil alfredo to be good and said the pasta was not overcooked (it certainly appeared to be more toothsome than the spaghetti).

All 3 of us chose the frozen tiramisu for dessert. I really quite disliked the texture and was not a fan of the flavor even though there was not much flavor. The top part was quite dry and unpleasant in the mouth. Once you got down to the frozen part it gave you some moisture and improved it a bit. The lady fingers felt grainy in your mouth. It was really not reminiscent of tiramisu at all.

The iced tea was okay, J found a beer that was acceptable, and S enjoyed the wines that were paired with the dinner.

Overall, I might try it again but I would not be in a rush to do so.

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This entry was posted on May 22, 2016 by in Arizona, Scottsdale.
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