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Barrio Queen – Gilbert

Visited 26 May, 2016.

This is a noisy restaurant whose atmosphere makes it more of a bar. It was loud and the bar was the center of the restaurant.

We were served house made thick tortilla chips and a fresh tasting but watery salsa. When we asked about the restaurant week menu, our server, who told us she was new, went to check. She came back and said that restaurant week was over. I was quite taken aback as it runs through the 29th. I mentioned this and she said she would go ask her manager as she had only asked another server. Finally, the menu appeared.

The server then requested that we order the “app” and main courses. We had to interject our drink order that was included with the meal.

The appetizer course was served fairly quickly. About one minute after that was delivered, our cocktails and main courses were delivered almost simultaneously. I asked why we were being served the main course right on top of the appetizer and the server who delivered the food said that it was ready so he brought it out. I then asked our server who chose to ignore the question. First course for me was guacamole; a rather bland version of a much beloved dish despite the high number of ingredients. My house margarita (C chose the same and agreed) was over sweet but otherwise okay; P chose agua fresca which she liked but discovered that she did not have the choice of flavor (several are listed on the menu but not all are available all of the time). P and C chose the ceviche which was to be served with corn totopos. They said the ceviche was very good but the totopos turned out to be just the same tortilla chips that we had already been served.

My slightly less than hot by this time main was cochinita pibil (also chosen by P). The pork was quite tender and very tasty though slightly dry; the dryness was relieved a bit by the sauce served on the side. The pickled sour orange onion was a pleasant and interesting flavor contrast to the meat while the pico de gallo was virtually non-existent. P said the meat was very good; neither of us was impressed with the rice which did not seem to have much of anything added to it so we could not figure out why it was called arroz verde. The black beans were pretty standard. Overall, the course was good but not great. C chose the carne asada enchilada. These were also quite good. Both main dishes were very large portions.

Given the speed with which the main landed on top of the appetizer, we were rather surprised at the long wait for the dessert course. P and C chose the churros for dessert while I went for the chocolate flan. The churros were interesting, the usual crisply fried tubular pastry coated with cinnamon sugar but filled with  caramel cream. They were also drizzled with caramel. The chocolate flan consisted of a thin chocolate cake topped with a traditional (though firm) flan then topped with chocolate sauce, Kahlua sauce and pecans. A different pleasant version of flan.

I found the iced tea acceptable.

The service needed work. Perhaps it was the newness of our server, the business of the restaurant, or that the servers must make every non-restaurant week order of guacamole table side; but it was slow. Twice I ordered extra tortillas and was told, yes, I will bring them. They never showed up but at least they did not try to charge me for them either. When we were seated, I clearly explained how the bill was to be split. She split it into 3 bills and then indicated that she did not know how to redo it so that it was only 2 bills; she did go see someone and find out how to do it. As to the timing of the course, it could have been the fault of the kitchen but the server neither acknowledged the problem nor did she try to fix it.

The food was not memorable enough for me to make up for the service. I am not very likely to return.

One comment on “Barrio Queen – Gilbert

  1. azspicycycler
    June 21, 2016

    The one in Old Town Scottsdale is much better!!

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